Grade 3

You are working so hard to keep everything together while we are all in a very strange place.  I'm hoping these resources will be fun for your family and help to keep your faith alive in these difficult days.

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The Chapters are presented below in the order you should use them.

Links to Chapter 24 - The Church is Worldwide
          Chapter 24 Workbook
          Chapter 24 Online Word Search|
          Chapter 24 Printable Coloring Sheet
          Chapter 24 Printable Activity
          Chapter 24 Online Quiz

Links to Chapter 21 - The Three Days
          Chapter 21 Workbook
          Chapter 21 Online Game
          Chapter 21 Printable Activity
          Chapter 21 Online Quiz

Links to Chapter 27 - Easter
          Chapter 27 Workbook
          Chapter 27 Online Game
          Chapter 27 Printable Crossword Puzzle
          Chapter 27 Activity
          Chapter 27 Online Quiz